Contributed By: Mike E. GinSing

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BREAKING NEWS! - Our BabbleBot Board is now availble to the public. Visit - BabbleBot.

TODAYS NEWS! -The GinSing Arduino Shield Babblebot is now in production and shipping. Visit - GinSIng.

YESTERDAYS NEWS! -SPEECHCHIPS.COM, our primary US retail outlet has Babblebot ICs in stock. Visit - SpeechChips.

OLD NEWS! -We have the Babblebot IC in stock and ready to ship! You can find them in our Store.

BabbleBot IC - NEW! As of July 2011, JT Technology is the manufacturer / distrubutor of the BabbleBot IC Voice and Sound Effects chip using the SoundGin™ firmware under license from Savage Innovations, LLC.

BabbleBot - We have updated the original SpeakJet BabbleBot into a carrier board and amplifier for the SoundGin (BabbleBot IC). Board run processing. Available July 2011.

BabbleShield - A BabbleBot specifically designed for the Arduino UNO. JT Tech supports the GinSing. Please visit the GinSing website.

BabbleDev - A SoundGin USB Development board we are working on now. Available (keep checking)

What's this all good for? If you are intersted in Robotics, Toys, Animatronics, Computers or anything else where voice and sound effects features are, or could be necessary then the SoundGin is right for you. The SoundGin simply needs a bit of serial data to start speaking or generating millions of sound effects. Look for samples HERE.